Your Neighborhood Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch & Ice Cream Shop

Proudly Serving the Old South Pearl, Platte Park & Washington Park Neighborhoods
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It all started with a few bakers who had unconventional work schedules. They found themselves working through the night to create wonderful delightful breads, pastries, and cookies for the locals to enjoy.

Pajamas were an acceptable uniform in the bakery from the hours of 9pm to 9am. As the story goes, early one morning while delivering bread to a customer still dressed in pajamas the baker was asked, who are you the Pajama Baking Company? The baker, looking down at his garb quickly replied, “Pajama Baking Company, absolutely!” Well, from that day forward we’ve been known as….

Pajama Baking Company (PBC) has won the hearts and loyalty of one of Denver’s oldest - and now one of the most up-and-coming Denver neighborhoods. Old South Pearl Street is littered with some of the hippest restaurants in the mile-high city, but it’s the PBC that is delivering something truly unique. Those that are not lucky enough to live within strolling vicinity are letting the goodness come to them by taking advantage of the robust catering menu in their homes, offices, and convention halls.

Sunday: Sun dried Tomato and Herb
Monday: Cranberry Walnut
Tuesday: Multi Grain
Wednesday: Focaccia
Thursday: Monkey Bread (Cinnamon and Sugar Pull-apart bread)
Friday: Classic Challah and Cinnamon Sugar Challah
Saturday: Jalapeno Cheddar

1595 South Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80210-2634
(303) 733-3622

Welcome to Pajama

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    We located on Old South Pearl serving coffee,...

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    What ever time of day you are hungry we have...

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    All our bread is hand made in our kitchen. ...